Once You Go Blue Collar, You Never Go Back
Once You Go Blue Collar, You Never Go Back

About Us

We believe that every hard working person should be able to enjoy freshly roasted coffee.

Our Mission

It All Started With a Cup of Coffee

At Blue Collar Coffee Roasters we believe that amazing coffee shouldn’t be confined to the local coffee shop scene.  Whether you’re a craftsman sipping from a thermos or a corporate professional sitting down for a business meeting, we believe you should have access to excellent coffee so that we can help make your hard work more enjoyable.

The Story Of

Blue Collar Coffee Roasters

The love for coffee started 25 years ago on the wintery plains of Kansas as we marched through the grain fields waiting for the next pheasant to fly up in front of our hunting party. A hot cup of coffee was a welcome reprieve.

After going to college, coffee became a way of life. Though it wasn’t necessarily needed for warmth it was “needed” for the long hours of reading and study. It was during those years that I had an epiphany: not all coffee comes in red canisters. Gourmet coffees were becoming the new rage and I was quickly swept up in the frenzy.  As with many, Starbucks coffee became my new passion.  As I traveled, I made it a point to collect a mug from every major city – or country for that matter (and yes I still have most of them). I also discovered many other coffees that I loved.  Fast forward 20 years to a second ah ha moment: good coffee doesn’t equal burnt coffee.  Yes, I said it. 

While I still love a good dark roast, my eyes were opened to the robust flavors of the light and medium roasts. This led to the hobby of home coffee roasting and the eventual launching of BCCR in early 2020.  

Why the name

The name also originates out of a personal journey.

Growing up in a blue-collar family in a blue-collar farming community, I was eager to go a different route and left for college across the country shortly after graduating high school. I was the first in my family to graduate from college as well as complete post-graduate work.  I pursued my own version of white-collar vocation only to find myself regularly landing back in the blue-collar world. While I enjoyed trades work, I was also somewhat embarrassed by the fact, that though I was well educated, I still found myself in the “less successful” lines of work.  

Whether you’re a carpenter framing houses or an architect designing multi-million dollar buildings, success isn’t defined by the type of work you do or the title you carry in the marketplace. In fact, a person’s worth is found outside of the various roles they fill.  At Blue Collar Coffee Roasters, we believe that every person – regardless of their role, race, or gender has inherent value, dignity, and worth. 

So, success is less about what you do and more about who you are and how you do the work you’re called to do. At Blue Collar Coffee Roasters, we want to celebrate all hard-working men and women who have devoted their lives to honing their craft.

We chose the name Blue Collar Coffee Roasters in honor of all hard-working men and women but especially of those who labor in the trades.  You don’t have to wear a suit or scrubs to work to be able to appreciate a finely crafted cup of coffee.

Eventually, I came to the realization that all honorable work is good work.

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