Once You Go Blue Collar, You Never Go Back
Once You Go Blue Collar, You Never Go Back

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About Blue Collar Coffee Roasters

Our love of coffee started over 25 years ago on the plains of Kansas. The warmth of a hot cup of coffee was a welcome reprieve from the bitter winter weather. Over the years we’ve learned that coffee is essential for much more than warmth. It’s a tool for bringing people together from all types of backgrounds and professions.

We believe every person deserves the opportunity to enjoy a great cup of coffee, and we want to help people along this journey. That’s why we started Blue Collar Coffee Roasters.

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Our Values



We want to creatively collaborate with the local trades community to raise awareness about businesses, products, careers, and opportunities.


The working class craftsmen in our culture are often under appreciated. We want to do our part to value the role they play in our society.


Whether its good coffee, hard work, quality craftsmanship, community, or a deep friendship, we want to celebrate the good in life.


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